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Default Smoke On KC!

Well Brethren.. i am back from KC's funeral... it was a hard time, and i will post later when i have some energy.. we met KC's family, shared some tears and some laughs, but one thing that was most apparent was the love that KC had for us, and the Brethren, and the art of BBQ. We saw sections of Kc's life, from birth to death, and much of it was around his music, his craft and his love of what we do. We were a very large part of his funeral, our eulogies from the memorial pages were read, the song from that page was played during the service, and our stories were shared with his family. KC was sent off wearing his brethren hat, his Brethren tee shirt layed beside him under a log of cherry wood. He truly was one of our most cherished members. It took me a long time to gather the composure to meet Jeanne and Zach, which was quickly lost when i got up there. I went up with JT at my side, but I reminded myself that we were there for all of us.. and especially the locals and teams who were out competing and could not attend.. That is where KC would have insisted they go.. Jeanne knew immediately who we were.. and Zach is a young gentlemen, yet i expected the vision I had from years ago, Zach as a child holding the fish on the dock when he and KC went fishing.. but he is not a child.. he is a young man. i went to the car and returned with my Brethren Hat and a Tee shirt for him.. as Jorge phrased it, it was passing the torch, Zach is now an honorable brethren. He is really a great kid, apparent even in the brief conversations we had.. i see now why KC adored the kid.. I hope it will check in here. We left the funeral to go meet up with the teams..

Sidebar: On the way back i get stopped by the sheriff.. doing 68 in a 45.. farkin wide open country road, i just get off the highway where there is a 70mph speed limit, make the turn and hit resume on the cruise control, as it pumps back up to 70, i get clocked by Barney Fife. Now, the NY'er, in the bright red jeep getting pulled over by Dudley DoRight in BFE and getting away with a warning.. is either pure luck, or higher power.. but i got away with a warning.. better than a 200 ticket... The trooper could have nailed me.. but he let me off.. Thank you Mr.officer.

The rest of the weekend.. i choose to think of it as..........

KC is hosting a bash.. he brought so many of us together in so many ways that would have never been done, and he has opened my eyes to many things. All our thoughts centered around our new guardian angel.... who I am sure was watching over us this weekend. In what was such a weekend of sorrow and mourning, so much good and laughter came out of it, KC would be proud. Myself, reg, Jorge, we flew in fro 3 states, to meet with all the MoFos, BigDog and JT drove many hours to get there too. We did it the way he wants us to do it..together... it was in his memory and in his honor. Flags flew at half mast, teams had their armbands on, we requested a moment of silence during the competition. The bellybros did a brief eulogy at the bandstand as Jay held a chimney of flaming cherry to the heavens. The crowd fell silent as the cherry wood flamed and the band went into lynards skynards "simple man"... it was at that point, that it hit me the hardest.. I looked around at all the dozens of Brethren there, pictured him among us and said, time to move on.. we formed a circle, had a few short words.. and Greg summed it up as we broke..

Love ya KC.. SMOKE ON!!!!

Shortly after, we all removed our armbands..
Every chapter closes before a new one starts.. and this starts a new chapter in our group.. The spirit of the Brethren will live on, better, and KC will always be part of it. I will continue to add to the memorial page for a day or two at which time it, and this forum will be moved to our archives accessible only by a single post.

We do it the way KC would want, hes OK, now his job is to watch over our smoke.....

as long as we cook with cherry.

Smoke On Brethren!!!

Here is the Moment of silence.. Sorry for the poor quality, and i missed the very beginning because of my fat fingers. I am going to post the pictures of the event in a separate thread, and the rundown of 'the bash'..... and competition.. and i have some somber stuff form the funeral that i will post her in this thread.. but right now, i need some sleep..
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Smoke on KC.
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