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Originally Posted by BillyCal View Post
So I placed an order for a 48" patio with all wheel nematics on March 10. I was told 3 weeks which would have been prefect as 3 weeks would have been the 31 my birth day.

Called Lang around the 20 to check on progress and was told it did not make it into production that week but would be in next week. Okay no big deal so called again on the 27 or 28 and was told it was in progress and should be complete the week of April 7. Great I am going to be in Jacksonville FL that week for work and said I could pick it up the 8th or 11th. Sara with Lang noted that in my folder.

So I get up to Jacksonville on the 7th and call lang in the afternoon and wanted to check if it would be ready the 8th. I talk with them and they say they are getting it started and will try to get it down this week.

Okay so when I talked to them on the 27 or 28 it wasn't being made I guess. I was told wrong information. I just sucked it up and did not raise a stink as I am not the person to do that. So called a few times that week to check in it as Jacksonville is only 1 1/2 hours south of Lang's location and it would save me a lot of driving time on my own time. It did not make it finished that week.

I called Wednesday this week and it was ready to be picked up so we set Friday at noon for pick up. I use a vacation day to take Friday off of work. It's about a 6 hour drive one way from my house.

I get a call today at 3 from Sara at Lang and she tell me she is sorry to inform me that my smoker got mistakenly loaded on a truck for New Orleans. IT GOT WHAT. She said that they are in the process of making another one and will schedule with me for next week pick up.

I told her I already took the day off for vacation and I was planing on using the smoker for Easter breakfast at my church so this was a very large blow.

All they said was sorry.

I feel like I am getting a large run around. I am not the guy to get a worked up especially to someone in her position because it's not her fault someone loaded the wrong smoker. So I just told her that I will wait for their call and we can reschedule.

The more I think about it the more I get mad. They made no concessions on their end. Like hey we really screwed up so will ship to you for free, or anything like that. Just hey sorry you are screwed and we will call ya next week.

I am going to call tomorrow and talk with someone because I am not happy with the customer service. I understand my mislay 2000 is nothing but I should not be getting the runaround.
did you already pay for it ?
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