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Originally Posted by 16Adams View Post
You Asked for advice, here is mine. The absolute worst thing in the world is to have a doctor say "sit down, we need to talk". Everything else is really pretty simple. Don't waste too much energy on this. Let's say your assigned welder had to be in divorce court- nope they violate employment law if they tell you that. Let's say your assigned welder had surgery, nope they cannot tell you that-HIPPA rules As a business owner there are some things that happen, we just can't tell the customer/client. So your vague without lying while walking a tight rope. You obviously want/wanted and still want the cooker. Relay your purchasing experience, both positive and negative in writing to the highest company official. Sometimes what you perceive as a complaint will be delivered as praise to the employee. Lots of things going on in this ol world and lots of rules to follow. Be nice. It will come back to you the same way.
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their is no better cooker that cooks better. anywhere it will be worth the wait.
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