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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Ken, John, and others newer comers.

Ken hits on it.

He joined up, and people like Scott made him feel welcome.

Guess what.

KC was new at one time too.

But he took up the job.

The job that he now leaves to you.

The site has grown exponentially. (no names, too many people) can not keep up with all the new folks. We use to PM a "welcome" to new members. Was easy when it was 400 people. But a few thousand?

So here is your jobs: Make people newer than you feel as welcome as you did when you joined. That's what Scott would have done.

You see a new person join? Hell, hit him before he/she posts with a PM of a welcome and jump right in sort.

e and I use to do that (others too) and we use to privately keeps tabs:

"I PM'd 5 new people this week" "Oh yeah, well I did 7", "Your momma did 7" "Well your momma...."

I digress....

The point is, Scott made you all newcomers feel welcome. But once you join, and post, even just one post, your in. Start bringing in the next guy.

There is no right way of barbecue, other than the right way is to make friends while doing so.

That, is the lesson Scott taught us

The death of "willkat98"

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