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Originally Posted by theTastyCat View Post
Seriously, you guys are amazing. So many great ideas!!!! Would love to try every one of them. Here's what I'm thinking this time around. Definitely want to try smoking them - a fitting, entry-level first smoke! I'd also like to spiral cut and have a big ol' condiment bar to make it more legit. I will likely try the Aldi dogs since price is a factor and I've had nothing but the best experience with them.

Some new questions!

1. What kind of temp qualifies as low and slow for hot dogs? 250? And, I hate to even ask something so simple, but what's a good indicator of doneness? I will have my SUPERUBERLIGHTNINGFASTSPECIALFORCESCHUCKNORRIS ORANGE Thermapop standing by as well as the Maverick 733, though it seems almost comical to take the IT of a hot dog. But nevertheless!

2. No one loves smoke flavor more than I do, but I'm a little skittish about the warnings that nothing kills food faster than oversmoke, and I'm thinking the spiral cut may give me even more opportunity to screw this up thusly. Would you all do wood chunks or chips, and how much? I suppose part of that depends on the cook time from no. 1.

3. Would something like the Smokenator 1000 help me here? Seems like it would help maximize grill space while keeping temps pretty even. With my non-COS offset almost done, I hate to buy, but wouldn't mind investing if it would be a good addition, but not if it would be redundant. Would it have any advantages over the offset, say for smaller cooks? Better "lump" mileage?

Sorry for all the questions, guys - you all are champs! Hope I make you proud! Planning a trial run Sunday night...

Don't go low and slow. You want a high temperature to get a nice char and crust on the dogs(only way they are edible)
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