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Default I've been a member...

...of many online forums but none quite like this one. Most of the others have little cliques of people that share info and such but are sort of cold to newcomers.

That is not the case here.

I have lived in Texas for five years now and I have no friends here. By "friend", I mean someone to hang out with, meet at a sports bar for a game, dinner at someone's home, etc. Now why is that? Well...I don't bestow the moniker of "friend" on just anyone. Nope, friendship is something earned through time and trust.

From my very first mundane post here to my most recent, I have been made to feel like I have a "place" that is my own, even if it is only at the hands of my keyboard.

Scott is one of those people that made me feel welcome. All of you have made me feel welcome.

In a person's lifetime we come across the paths of many different people and we can only hope that we impact them in a positive way. It seems that Brother Scott has done this to many here and you need to understand the blessing that is in that.

I am going through a very rough spot in my marriage right now and if it were not for my faith in God, my Pastor and this forum, I would be absolutely lost. One day I will make one of these bashes or little get togethers the guys have here in Texas and the blessing that has been found in my welcome here will be lived out in person.

You are a wonderful group of people, from the Site Administrators right down to the folks who "got wood and lighter fluid."

Thanks to you all of you for sharing your feelings in such an open and honest fashion about our Fallen Brethren.

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