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Default Commemorative idea, or part of an idea...

If there's something you'd like to have waterjet cut out of stainless steel, I could volunteer my time to do the AutoCAD & CAM (nesting and the g-code that drives the waterjet cutter or plasma cutter toolpath) for it.

The process would go like:
- I receive a drawing to-scale on graph paper
- I would CAD and CAM it
- You'd send the steel you'd like it cut out of to my waterjet cutter (I can provide info on steel sources I use)
- I'd send the CAD and CAM and work with the machinist in the waterjet machine shop that I use.

Ex: I've thought about doing a custom ABT holder that would be 3-4 arcs to form parts of a circle around my Egg to be very space-efficient so other things can cook in the middle. However, I've never done welding or had it done, so if welding is needed, it'd be up to you to sleuth how to get that done well.

If it's not on a deadline and I could do it with my other parts, I could also have it heat treated and vibratory tumbled (that puts the pretty stone-washed finish on the surface). Doing each of those steps separately (as a batch of Quantity 1) would be cost-prohibitive given the batch fees I pay for the monster-sized-machines I use on my parts. However, adding 1 more to an existing batch probably woudn't be that much.


One of my much-loved-by-everyone business partners / collaborators died in a car accident while coming back from a hunting trip. The sadness and shock expressed here reminds me of then. I just joined this forum and KCquer already took the time to reply to my basic "How to Boil Water" threads.


Below is a pic of part of an almost-finished part. That pic is post-vibratory-tumbling and was one of my favorite stonewashed finishes (32ra), because all the pretty micro-scratches the process puts into it actually makes it very visually-scratch-resistant compared to other types of finishes. The effect looks different depending on the steel.

Anyway, just an idea. That silver of the stainless on top of the black of your Serious Smoker rigs I see in the pics would be a cool contrast, even in something small.

Edit: Found a pic with a closeup w/out a fingernail!
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