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Default My first butt on my 22.5 WSM (Pron)

Did my first butt on the WSM yesterday. Tried some things out that I'd never done before. Tried injecting the butt with Chris Lilly's Injection using my rub instead of all that salt. Also tried Pecan wood instead of apple.

The butt rubbed and injected. Did this the night before.

Going on at 250

About 150 IT, when I decided I did not want to foil.

After the rest. Ended up foiling.

Juicy and great flavor. Not a horrible ring on it.

The cook didn't go anywhere near what I had planned. This was my second cook on the WSM, and my first with any real length. Temps were 246-252 rock solid for the first hour. Then, the sun came out, the wind started and 275ish was my new temp. I've read about not chasing temps with a new shiny interior, so I just closed the vent facing the wind and rode 275.

Then the stall. This little 7lb butt sat 163 IT for 4.5 hours. It took 7 hours to move from 159-178. I'd never seen a stall like that. Definitely didn't plan on it runnung 270s. Finally got fed up and hungry and wrapped the thing. Pulled at 199 IT. Hour rest, and pulled about 9 last night. 7lb butt was on for 14 hours.

Overall, the pork was great. Don't think the injection helped anything. No extra flavor, no extra moisture. Won't waste my time with that again. Pecan was good. Like the smokiness better than apple. Still don't care for foiling as it ruins that amazing bark. Need to load more chunks early in the cook to get more smoke to start. Had them spread out and burried in the charcoal, so I got smoke all the way through.
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