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Default What size...whole pig (cut in half) in a 22" WSM?

Any guidance?...obviously talking cut across the middle, not lengthways...
1. Would this be possible and, most importantly, what size (bigger is better)?
2. Half top shelf, half bottom shelf?
3. Size without head? Size with head? If I buy one too big, the whole thing gets a bit iffy.
4. Was trying to avoid hanging it, but I suppose its a possibility.
5. Would it be 'racer' style? What other options.
6. I could cut off lower limbs to give more space.
7. If I did cut in half, where would I get the butcher to cut?

I really want to try this... possibly for a mid-winter dinner or a 'Christmas in winter' ... in the coldest part of the year (July), we sometimes have a fake Christmas for fun... having lived in Philly for 10 years, it brings back wonderful memories.

Someone must have tried this...
Ralph in Auckland... with a WSM 22" and a hopeful attitude...
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