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Question I Need Help!!

Hi, I need some insight from you folks.

Been BBQing for a while, but trying to up my game with experience gathered from this site. I will try to make this short, but comprehensive. I can sure use some advice from you experienced guys.

Normally I do one packer brisket, but decided to do two based on the logic of if you are investing a lot of cook time, why not do two? Made sense to me.
So, got a 13 and 9 pounder. Been smoking at 200-210F (monitored by ET-733) for 5 1/2 hours. Figure I have another 4-5 to go tonight. Local comp guy says they do the low temp smoke thing like described and them crank the heat to 250 for 2-3 hours for bark.

Before this, I let the brisket rest 10-15 minutes. Data here suggests 2 hours in a cooler. Cool, I got that. Dinner tomorrow is 100pm so, I need to be done and in the cooler by 1000am.

My issue is, if I finish my low temp process at 100am or so, can I stick them in a cooler (wrapped in butcher paper) until I start the high heat portion at 700am or so? Putting them in the fridge really puts me in the ditch, and I am not sure a foil wrapped scenario in a low temp oven is the right answer either.

Can I safely leave these in the cooler for 5-6 hours? Seems like a lot to me, but then again I have never used the cooler process before, so that whole thing beats the hell outta me. BTW, internal meat temp is about 158 on both after 5 1/2hrs. I know a lot of you guys pull at 190 degrees or so, and the rest do a probe test.

What suggestions do you have for me on this time gap I have?

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