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Default Best Use of Money?

Hello bros!

I'm looking for your thoughts in helping me decide how to spend $100 that fell into my lap. I'm debating between taking my first KCBS judging course or putting it towards some useful equipment/tools. This is my third season of bbq'ing and still consider myself a novice...still using a weber 22" and snake technique for charcoal.

Since there are not a ton of opportunities for me to judge in Boston, the course would be to teach me the ideal elements of competition style bbq--something I'm interested in pursuing down the road. Plus, that knowledge will help me focus the dishes I prepare and give me better ideas of what's needed to refine my recipes.

On the other hand, I would love to get some good thermometers, another weber so i can cook more items at one time, or even a sausage stuffer as my kitchen aid attachment just isn't cuttin' it anymore. Maybe there are other items I hadn't thought of yet?

What would you recommend to a mostly new comer? Knowledge? Or tools?

Happy Saturday Smokin'!
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