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Originally Posted by Q Junkie View Post
The Southern California Air Quality Board says that you should never allow any wood to combust as it will kill everyone within a 1 mile radius. However if you "must combust" just pay them a nominal fee and and no one will die.
I had a similar experience with the state of Louisiana once. My truck load was 1800 pounds over weight, and I was "destroying" their roadbeds. Until I paid an $18 fine, then I could run all over the state and as long as I did not re-load or add any more onto my trailer, all was OK! No more damage!!
KEY ??? Follow the money!

I would use the wood after drying out in the sun for a while so it would not emit excess smoke by being wet. We burn wood all the time with mold on it, and never question it, only because we don't see it as thick as yours is.

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