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I used the sirloin end of full loin. Barbecued it hot & fast in my 18.5" WSM at 305F. It cooked pretty quickly at this temperature. I cooked it to an internal temp of 142F.

Close up shows the ground coriander (#1 ingredient) :

I sliced off the end then two pieces. Both Jeff and I each tried a piece for the first time--we are both beef pastrami reuben fans (our favorite sandwich). We both agreed that at first taste, when it hit our mouths that it tasted pretty identical to the beef pastrami we make at home (we use the same cure & coriander, black pepper & garlic spices). But then it had that porky taste and it was a little sweeter. (And of course the color is different.) We also noticed the texture was a bit different. But it tastes pretty amazing! We are gonna try some Pork Pastrami Reubens here soon, on Jewish rye! (blasphemy, giggle).

18.5" WSM and 22.5" OTG.

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