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Originally Posted by Bigdog
Jeff mentioned something the other day about Scott's meticulous standards when making the baffle. He was a craftsman, more specifically a wood worker. He worked for a company that did custom cabinents for multi million dollar homes. You have to be fussy to satisfy that customer and that Scott was. His attention to detail is what set his apart from others. Curious thing though, when smoking meat, attention to detail is not always that critical of a thing, but it will insure consistancy of the final product.

This came into play last year when we were going to compete together. He got behind and things weren't coming together as he wished so we cancelled the competition. He either wanted to do it right or not at all. This is in direct contrast to another friend of mine that says let's just do it, or as they say: "get 'er done."
'Dog, that's probably the reason Scott and I never teamed up. He wanted to organize meticulously and I wanted to jump in with both feet. I'm detail oriented most of the time but I was in too big of a rush for Scott. He definitely had his one time table, didn't he? One of his good qualities!
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