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Originally Posted by oldbill View Post
You have a nice pit! It looks like you have a HUMONGOUS firebox! If that's all firebox back there then I'd imagine that it's pretty easy to get a draft through your pit, whereas with a Lang RF the firebox is much smaller in proportion to the size of the cooker and being reverse flow the heat and smoke must travel to one side of the pit and then back again to find the exit, requiring a really good draft.
It's a free country and everyone is entitled to use what ever method that they wish but stick burners in general need wood and maybe not all but most of the folks who are experimenting with the different fuels and combinations of them will eventually go back to wood as the primary fuel source.
Thanks, 24" x 24" .375 pipe encased within 2" high heat insulation, encased in a steel 10 gauge square box and 5" stack so yes it is easy to draft. I agree stick burnning makes a great fire, smoke, and product, and it that is what they were designed for. I have had some success other wise and wanted to share with SmokinPaPa.
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