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Originally Posted by meinbmw View Post
I am probably in the minority? The increase in prices WILL NOT affect my willingness or ability to buy product to put on the pit.

Certainly I understand the escalating prices are of concern to many, but .50 per pound here and .75 per pound there are not going to put the brakes on the hobby I enjoy greatly.

Don't you think it is akin to gas prices ... you deal with it?
It's all about supply and demand. When the price gets high enough to offend people, it causes less demand and the prices come down. If we always dealt with it, prices would just go up and up. Already been a few people here, including me, that walked into a store to buy a case of meat, and were offended and walked out of the store with no meat. This creates an excess of supply, which will cause the prices to come down.
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