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Default Need Recommendation: Small Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Either electrically or by hand, but hydraulic. Large enough to handle a typical 1/4 or 1/8 split you get when you buy cut up firewood--but no larger.

I need it for a few reasons:
1) axes are kind of dangerous--I'm known to be a klutz at times
2) the swinging motion isn't kind to my shoulder joint--I've had frozen shoulder in the past.
3) I'm not that strong
4) I can easily and accurately set it exactly where I want it split.

I need for splitting splits into beer can size diameter and even smaller for hotting fires / kindling.

Is there a good one to be had for under $200? (Again a smaller one that could only handle say a 1/4 split.)

I was contemplating fashioning one out of a small cheap car jack and say some 2x4's

18.5" WSM and 22.5" OTG.
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