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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I love chicken!
No cheet! Prices on bone in breasts and quarters are cheap this week. I'm filling up the freezer. That said, I really do LOVE some grilled or smoked bird! We did groceries for the month this Sunday. Bought a couple 4lb bags of tilapia for about 12 bucks each. With about 18 fillets each, worked out to about .66 or so per fillet.
Also, went to Wally World early on Sunday...........picked up some marked down beef and lamb, chicken, and pork. The beef ribs are trimmed and not a whole lotta meat, but for a couple slabs we will get some teeth time on em. The whole fryers (2) can't beat em. Plus, I'll get LOTS of stock from the bones, etc. The lamb chops........that's my GREEDY pleasure. Only I will eat em and I won't buy em at the regular price! Dad's treat. As for the pork......well, around here, they only put the yellow tag on one time. Stuff sells quick and won't see a second mark down. Once it's in my freezer, it feeds the family. Thank GOD, my kids are not picky eaters. They will eat fish or porterhouse. It's all good to them. I'm going to take advantage of the chicken specials locally this week. I have my stand up freezer about 3/4's full. I wish I had it stocked with packers......but protein in general is good for us!
These were marked down late Saturday night or very early on Sunday. Early bird..........Sam's and Costco's does it too. I'm gonna hit my little meat market and see what they can give my on bulk for some of their lean ground beef.

7 Bones per slab.


2 of these fryers.

With the prices out now, I'll take it.
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