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I've been drinking a ton of Hopworks! I should also state I work there and get a great deal on beer. All done organic and as sustainably as possible. Currently here is the list of beers on tap

-Velvet ESB
-IPX, single hop IPA currently using chinook hops, salmon safe hops too
-7-grain stout w/ cold press Stumptown espresso
-DOA, Deluxe Organic Ale, strong ale 7%, my favorite non seasonal
-Galactic Imperial Red, 9.5% 100+ IBUs, favorite far
-Secession Cascadian Dark Ale, black IPA
-Bock Bock dopplebock
-Rise Up Red
-San Juan wheat, not a hefe
-Inspiration Alt
-Jacky Treehorn porter
-Midnight in Portland, dunkle lager
-Cask Secession, natural carbonation
-Cask 7-Grain stout

There is also two good ciders on tap too

Drinking a CDA right now, moving to an IPA.

Widmer is doing a bunch of barrel aged stuff which is all pretty great, don't think it leaves Portland though.

Gigantic has some great beers too!

Welcome to Portland, beer capital of the world! More breweries than anywhere else in a single city, I think sixty and counting!
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