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Originally Posted by smoking bear View Post
not sure if it was really temp testing with intake size.
what i found on my drums is with 1 inch holes (2 opened 3/4 way open using magnets) my drum would settle around 230 ish. Then added 3/4 inch pipes and ball valves, now i open both all the way when starting and it'll settle at 250 every time, unless its really windy
Every drum is different. I made my second UDS with 2 one inch intakes each with a ball valve and 12" risers. It looked cool and bad ass kinda mad max style lol. But in truth I never had so many issues getting the temps to climb when I wanted them to without removing a lid. Oh it would hold 250 all day long with one valve full open but I occasionally want to got hot n fast for poultry. So I scrapped my risers and put both valves directly on the nipples horizontal. After that one valve full open and other closed held a steady 290-310 for several hours. And I could get good "throttle response" with my temps rising and dipping from valve adjustments. I think one fully open 1" valve is still less than your two 1" holes each opened 3/4 of the way. You got to feel you own drum and see how it works for you.
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