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Originally Posted by dae06 View Post
I've had my IQ110 for a year now. I keep it in a waterproof rubbermaid during cooks and indoors when not in use. I have already gone through 2 temp probes at $20.00 a piece. Barb at Pitmaster told me to send in the probes for testing. I assumed they would replace them if they tested bad. She got back to me to let me know they were bad and I can purchase new ones from their site for $20.00 a peice.
This upsets me a bit. I wouldn't have gone through all the time, effort and expense to send in the bad probes if I knew there weren't going to replace them. This will get expensive if I have to keep replacing 2 a year.

BTW, A Maverick thermometer is a necessity with this IQ110 if you are going to do overnight cooks (and want some sleep). The Mavericks temp alarm will alert you if the temp gets out of range, which it will occasionally.
I have a 110 also, I looked into other controllers but when looking at the IQ I realized "Fark, these guys are literally .3 miles from my house." So the need for instant gratification kicked in and 5 minutes later I had bought one. I've met Barb several times and she is very nice, I've even been in the back and seen where they make them, etc. Saw first hand when they were in production of the 120 and it was all pretty cool. My only issue is that I bought one for my Dad in August of 2013 and he absolutely loved the thing. This year at Thanksgiving we were using it on his BGE and it just quit working. He doesn't Que as often as me and really only uses the IQ on longer cooks. This was literally the 3rd time he'd ever used it. I put it in my suitcase and flew home with it and one day after work took it up there and Barb checked it out. Turned out everything was in working order except for the cheap little power cord was bad. I assumed since I'd only had it a few months and that those things probably run them a few bucks that I would have just been given a new one...nope was charged $10-$15 (can't remember exactly). That kind of came off as not the best customer service to me...especially since I've met them a few times and bought a few units from them. Maybe that just me, but I own my own business and I know that I would have not charged somebody for that.
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