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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by willkat98
But the "prelude" to the orders was forgotten!!!

He stumbled off the porch, and Neil (I think) and his wife said "someone better go check on him"

Well I went over to the side of Greg's house alone, and KC was sitting on what I knew was BigDog's van. I knew I was gonna need help, so I went back to the porch.

Someone shouted "well, how is he?"

"He's fine" I said, "He's over there pissing all over the side of his van. He was opening the door, I just hope he don't **** in there"

BigDog jumps up "That's My Van!!!"

I busted out laughing, and enlisted Dog to go help me get him in the trailer. That was the moment the "Lawn Gnome Turtle Force" was deployed

LOL. Laughter, the best medicine. He's laughing too.
What a moment. Bill and I were standing there while brother e was taking a break from the long walk to the tailer (maybe all of 30 yds.) Anyway, e is either sitting down of leaning on my van when he mutters something about turtles manning the perimeter. I look at Bill and he gives me one of those what the fark looks and I must have given him the same silly look. We are both tying not to burst out in a gut busting laugh and get poor ole inebreated e to the trailer. Just as soon as we get the job done we both look at each other and start laughing all the way back to the porch where we share the story with the remaining drunks, I mean brothers, and we all laugh for a good long time. It was a brethren moment for sure. I will never forget the look on Bill's face when e said the now famous line. Thanks for the laugh e. Love ya bro.
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