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Default 1st pastrami from scratch

I picked up a 14.5 lb packer from costco 2 weeks ago and have been chomping at the bit (in a manner of speaking) for pastrami for a while now!

It was in the fridge with a brine of kosher salt, pink curing salt #1 (about 2.5 tsp), pickling spices, garlic and sugar now for 2 weeks. Flipped 2 times a day.

I pulled it out of the brine and started to rinse/soak last night. I changed the water 4 times. Looked like this after I pulled it out.

Got my lil helper to apply a simple rub of fresh coarsely ground pepper and coriander. (1 oz of each. Love my scale!)

Here she be, rubbed and ready for the fire:

On the WSM at 225 with some cherry. Not a lot though. I really don't want the wood to overpower anything. Will play with different amounts later.

It's hit the stall at 150. Been on since 9:30ish, so about 6 hours. Stall at 150 hit about 40 min ago and that's where I'm at right now.

Plan as of now is to pull it at about 165, let it rest then put it in the fridge. Tomorrow, I'm going to section some off and then steam for dinner (I've read 3 hours at 275. We'll see if I can wait that long)
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