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I got this phone call yesterday. Kick called me as I was putting the ribs into the cooler and getting ready to drive into town for the holiday meal at my in-laws. I remember his voice wasn't quite right and I kept waiting for him to say why he called. Then he did...

I've been trying to think of what I can say about my friend. Several times I've started to type something and closed the browser because I couldn't do it.

KCQuer-KC-Scott-Missing E-E was my friend and my brother. We joined this group within a week of each other and quickly started messaging and emailing each other. We talked about family, friends, cabinets, kitchens, cookers, and cooking. We spent many a Yahoo session designing the "utlimate cooker". I even saved some of the sessions as text files because they held such good information. My son (then almost 3) and I drove up to Kansas City one spring and picked up E to go to the Cabela's contest. We spent the whole day walking around and looking at cookers, discussing the advantages/disadvantages of every one. We talked to some of the contestants and basically tried to be as nosy as possilble without getting in their way. It was a very good day. We talked a lot about kitchen designs and cabinetry - E was going to help me with all of that when I finally get a chance to build the new house, even if it was just going over plans and helping me tweak things.

My brother, you will be missed. There are many things I will remember but 2 sayings will always be close to me - "Any wood is good for smoking as long as it's Cherry" and "Have a good weekend, Sweet Blue to all". Love ya bro - you are the Missing E. Now fire up that ultimate cooker with some perfectly seasoned cherry wood and cook a brisket and pork loin for the Father. Sweet blue, brother.
I didn't hijack the thread. I just took it in a completely different direction.

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RIP - my NB Bandera

"Sweet Blue to all" - E

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