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Originally Posted by KnucklHed BBQ View Post
A local rancher here claims to have lost nearly $500,000 in beef (granted, I think he's probably talking retail dollars, not cost, but still) last year to wolves... and the state won't pay you anything for the animal unless you actually see the wolf attack it and can prove it's death was caused by a wolf.

Our elk population has suffered in similar ways due to wolves too, either being driven away from traditional migration routes or outright kills. Most of the time the wolf kills more for sport than sustenance, they love the hunt.

Unfortunately I think these higher prices at the super market create a bit of vicious circle, when the cost is higher, less is purchased leaving more to expire in the case thus creating more waste and lost profits, and that in turn makes them raise prices to recover their losses
"Confirmed livestock depredations due to wolves included 50 cattle, 24 sheep, three horses and one goat in 2013, down 27 percent from 2012 loses of 67 cattle, 37 sheep, one dog, two horses and one llama. Cattle losses were the lowest recorded in the past seven years."
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