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Geez, ......... very sorry to hear this. Though I`ve been a member here for a few years, my time allowed on a computer has been cut short due to career changing issues. I do have to say when I first started to TRY to BBQ years ago, it was KC that took the extra time to help me understand the art of this new type of cooking I was attemping. Thru many personal messages, he wrote long explanations of the how`s and why`s. I really respected that, as I love to understand and get to the bottom of perfecting my cooking. I was lucky enough to meet him and a bunch of you others at one of Phil`s bash`s a couple of summers ago. I then could see as well as hearing him, that he had a 'Good Soul'. I learned much from him as well as others here. Yesterday I Q`ed my first meatloaf (6 pounder) that I have to thank him for at least some of my skills, as all of my Q`ing technique has some of his teachings. I thank him again. Heartfelt thoughts go out to him and his family.

I have to say, I commend you guys for taking no more than 10 posts to getting this thread to talk about food. I think KC would respect that.

Peace brother. ..................... Serge

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