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I have been asked to locate the closest accomodations to Drexel and there will not be much of anything within 20 minutes of there. Drexel is a very small community in extreme southwestern Cass County. Best bet is Harrisonville, MO (where Scott lived).

Harrisonville is about 27 miles from Drexel. It's all country driving so you can make it in less than 30 minutes. While there are 4-5 small mom and pop type motels, I'd probably only recommend the following:

Super 8
2400 E Rock Haven Rd, Harrisonville, MO
(816) 887-2999

Best Western - Harrisonville
2201 Rockhaven Rd, Harrisonville, MO
(816) 884-3200

To get to Harrisonville from I-70 in eastern KC area, take I-435 south off I-70 near the Royals/Chiefs stadiums. Follow to US Hwy. 71 south to Harrisonville. From the 435/71 interchanges, it's about 30 minutes to Harrisonville.

From the airport, take I-435 east towards St. Louis. It will curve to the south and head down towards KC (435 wraps in a large loop around Kansas City). Stay on 435 south past I-70 and the stadiums and continue south to Harrisonville as stated above.

To get to Drexel from Harrisonville, you'll go west on Missouri Highway 2 and go about 15 miles to County Highway D at a tiny community of West Line, Missouri. Continue about 12 miles south to Drexel.

I am not sure I can make the services on Friday as I will be setting up at Blue Springs (an hour or so northeast of Drexel). I spoke with Parrothead on the phone tonight and he said Scott wouldn't want any Brother to miss a contest. We will have my in-laws in from Michigan on Thursday afternoon for the contest but my wife said she is ok with it if I want to have anyone in town for the services to come by our home on Thursday evening and raise a few in Scott's memory.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with in your travel to our area.
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