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So it was time to do something with this pork loin that's been sitting in the fridge. I got so many wonderful ideas on how to cook it up--thank you so much everyone. (I am going to try all of them eventually.)

I was short on time today so I picked the things I could do in short order.

First I cut up the loin as instructed by danno79.. learned from danno79 the smaller end of the loin is called a ribeye and learned yesterday from cowgirl that the larger end is called the sirloin. (And the middle is the center cut)

So from left to right (sirloin, center cut, ribeye) :

For the sirloin end I decided to try the "porkstrami" as suggested by sbramm. I am curing it and spicing it up the same as I do regular beef pastrami (3 parts coriander seed, 2 parts black pepper, 1 part garlic powder).

For the center cut I am making Canadian Bacon.

And lastly, for the ribeye, I am slicing it up.

I am doing as landarc suggested and sliced 1/2" thick chops and pounding them flat with a mallet. Tonight it was chicken fried pork--i.e. I fried it up like I do my grandmother's chicken: dredge in flour and put in the hot grease--salt & pepper in the pan while cooking.

It turned out delicious:

I'll try the panko and deep frying tomorrow, as well as Keith's pit fried chicken approach. I'll also try the Italian version mentioned here.

I also have a few thicker cut chops to try some other things tomorrow mentioned in this thread.
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