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Default Still a little brisket confusion - when to separate for burnt ends?

Could use your last-minute help. I'm gonna be working from home tomorrow so I decided I'd try my first brisket. I read the basic brisket tutorial and a few other threads, but I'm still a little confused about when to separate the flat & point for burnt ends.

I typically like to let my big meats rest for 1.5-2 hours before cutting. However, I'd like to chop up the point in order to try my hand at burnt ends as well. In the basic brisket tutorial, the brisket rested only 1/2 hour before the point and flat were separated and the burnt ends put back on the pit for several hours.

What are the majority of you guys and gals doing when it comes to this? Are you guys separating them immediately, once the brisket is probe-tender, and then letting the flat rest several hours while the chopped point goes back on the pit? (This would seem to yield the best result for having burnt ends ready to serve with a 2-hour rested flat.) Are you letting the whole thing rest 2 hours before separating the two pieces? (This would seem to add a lot of cook time if done this way.) Are you guys compromising with a 1/2-hour rest on the whole, maybe a 1-hour rest? And then putting the burnt ends back on the pit?

Your input would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
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