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Default Just Picked up My Shirley Fabrication 24 X 60

I traveled over to Tuscaloosa today to pick up my new Shirley Fabrication stick burner. Paul was the nicest guy and easiest to deal with. I have certain specifications to be built so it would fit up my driveway and in my garage. I need the cooker to be nor more than 5ft wide and the firebox had to be 15 inches off the ground. They said that was not a problem. I had my doubts when I kept adding to the list of modifications I wanted to the cooker but they did not flinch. Paul kept me updated with photos and emails during the building process. When I picked up the smoker they had already seasoned it. I got it home around 2:30 pm and had chicken on it by 4. This thing will come up to temp quick and hold temp steady from the nose to the firebox. I could not be happier with our first cook. I cooked 12 drumsticks for 2 adults and 3 kids. There was nothing left at the end of dinner. If you are in the market for a stick burner give Paul a call. Tyler and Paul can pretty much do anything ti customize your next cooker.
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