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Default Brining/Wet Curing Time For Fresh Ham

Hello all it's been a while since I've been on the site let alone posted anything, but, here goes. I found this recipe for brining/ wet curing a fresh ham & it said for a 15-20 lb brine for 10-15 days. I was wondering if anyone has ever brined a fresh ham then hot smoked it (not cold smoke) & if so what is the average soak time. I've heard as a general rule of thumb that 1 day per 2 lbs of meat is about right. I'm going 2 be doing this for Easter so I know I'm going to have to get started soon. The brine/wet cure consists of pink #1 curing salt, pickling spice, regular or kosher salt, some sugar, garlic, onions, celery, water, & maybe some alcohol or really whatever else u think will taste good.
Thanks in advance for the advice.
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