Thread: Roll Call. Inside 30 days. NYC BBQ Cook-Off, Staten Island, NY
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Latham House BBQ will be there. I spoke with Frank last Thursday and he said they had closed the comp. to new teams because they are up to 39. However, he said several teams are only coming to do PC on Saturday.

As someone who did this comp last year (as Bacanak BBQ) I will say that PC was a disaster for a small team like ours. The turn out is huge which is great for them but awful for the teams because you'll have a line at your spot, a large line, and you'll be trying to prep your 12:30, 1:00 and 1:30 turn in's while people clammer for a small cup of pulled pork. If they'd start the PC at 1:35 I'd consider it but set up the way it is I'm passing this year. Come by my site at 1:35 and I'll give away most of what I've cooked but leave me alone until then.

And yes, Anthony and Richmond County Pit Bros. did win PC last year and the home field advantage obviously had something to do with that BUT Anthony's a good guy and I was glad to see him walk away with the $$$.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Let's hope for a warm, dry couple of days.
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