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You Complete BAstiges...

Thanks a lot... I was victim ZERO....

For me, I saw the thread yesterday afternoon. April fools was over here, and it had not started in the USA yet.

AND, I've been out of the forum for a while, so I just could not believe that you smartarses could go to THAT level of douchebaggery...

I just didn't see it coming. I'd just got back into the TD's and now this.... Right, FARKEM I thought.....

<<<<<< I even CHANGED MY AVATAR!

Jesus fellas.... HOOK LINE AND SINKER.... I not embarrased though.. IM PASSIONATE about this place, and anything that would fundamentally deep six the TD's and possible the entire community.... Well... you sucked me in.

I think I even let fly on a Q Talk thread about " making unnecessary threads and comments". Having gone back to check that, it was modded... gone.

Well, that's my excuse.

Well done farkers... but I'm gonna send you a bill for Physchological trauma....


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