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Default UDS CL score, or was it?

A friend of Mrs. SJ was interested in a UDS, and wanted to know if I wanted to build one, and how much....

Well, I saw one on CL and snapped it up Sunday. It's going to need some TLC, but overall it's it good shape.. I figured I'd loot the pieces I needed from it to offset the cost of the build.


Good news: The UDS has a flat lid, which fits perfectly.
Bad news: A Weber lid won't fit.
Worse news: her friend wants a domed lid

My options:

  • Cut and run
  • Hunt down a Weber lid/drum combo, since I have two grates and a fire basket from the CL score
  • Spruce up the drum and resell it on CL
  • Find a knock-off that fits the CL score.

No, adding it to my collection is not an option. Mrs SJ tolerates a lot (she is married to me) but "another smoker" isn't going to fly unless it becomes my new home.

I need your thoughts...
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