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Based on what I have read, the Rep. told the team that the judge did not taste the rib. Based on the box shown, it would be hard for me to say a rib was raw without at least trying to bite into it. However, I have copied the Rep Advisory regarding uncooked meat and it looks like a judge doesn't have to taste something to declare it undercooked or raw.

Under Cooked Meat
Question: Uncooked meat doesn’t seem to violate any rules. How do you score
an entry if a judge refuses to eat their sample because it is undercooked?
Under cooked meat poses a health problem and shouldn’t be eaten. A score of two (2) through nine (9) should be given for taste and tenderness by the judge(s) who refuse to eat the entry. This is not a disqualification and therefore should not be given a one (1). Assuming the entry has already been scored for appearance, do not go back and change the score given for appearance.

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