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Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
Since it was said as long as the package said loins...

Now to wait three days. No clues other than what you can see. 6 TBS HDD and 6 TBS EVOO and about 3 lbs of tenderloins (Two packs)...
OK, so, five days. Anyhow, today was the kettle cook. Here's the HDD angry bird:

It got dredged in this:

Then a batter was made with these. Just messin' around with flavors I thought would match...

While waiting for the batter to fully hydrate I made a dipping sauce from these:

I realized I forgot to take a pic of the last dredge which was sweetened shredded coconut flakes and Old London seasoned bread crumbs. They looked like this:

They went on a hot kettle after being sprayed with canola...

Brought 'em in when done.

Here they are collected:

I had some smaller pieces that I fried on the stove so I crisped up the crunchy bit about a minute on a few of the grilled ones. They looked like this:

So that was a little cheat. Redhot determined they were both just as good, great in fact, just different textures. The sauce with these gets a big thumbs up. No plate shot yet but I'll edit it in before the edit deadline.

And here 'tis. The plate. Sampling them both I selected two from the kettle and one that had been fried briefly after coming off the kettle. The pure ones had a delicate subtle crisp to them which I liked. THe sauce was a perfect compliment.

The TD Entry Pic:

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