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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default Ok, how do "you" do it? Pron please!

I have four racks of full spares (almost 22 pounds of meat) that I am doing on my WSM 22.5". I planned on using a rack and getting all four on the top shelf, but they were so close together that they were one BIG mass of meat. I know you want airflow, so had to scrap that idea.

Decide to throw two on each cooking grate, but that pretty much covered each grate completely and I knew that would be bad for airflow too and make toasty ends.

I got 8 metal shish-kabob skewers and wove two through each rack to kind of make them wavy shaped so I could fit them on each grate, but not sure that is the best way.

So, how do you put four racks of full spares on a 22.5 WSM? Pictures would help me understand...

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