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This is my official entry into the TD. My first ever. It's skilled-grilled, so it's "grilled" using the term loosely, but still properly. I hope this still qualifies.

I have video and pictures:

Two 80/20 ground chuck (not ground beef) patties flattened to about 1/4" thick and 5" in diameter
Preheat a small skillet on low heat
Dice onions into rice-size pieces and place into small skillet. You want to reduce them, not brown them, so cook them like this until they form a paste (takes about 20 minutes)
At about 15 minutes, preheat a larger ~12" skillet on medium-high heat
Take a true metal spatula and press the tip into the top side of the patties, making small gridlike indentions across the whole patty.
Once the skillet is heated, liberally salt the gridded side of the patties.
Place patties grid-side down and immediately make a grid on the top side
This grid creates tiny "feet" that come in contact with the skillet and help create a nice crust with the salt as well as helps reduce shrinkage
Cook until a nice crust has formed (usually about 5 minutes)
Slather yellow mustard on the top side and flip
Once the patties almost have a crust on both sides, place a piece of deli-sliced American cheese on top of both patties
Place unbuttered hamburger buns inside the skillet
Tilt the skillet a bit to allow the fat from the patties to reach the buns, if it's not already
Cook until toasted well, almost burnt

To build the burger, spread a little Thousand Island dressing on the bottom bun (or ketchup + mayo + relish), a few pickle slices, one patty, then spread the onion paste on top of this patty, then place the other patty and top with the bun.

I love a burger where the meat speaks for itself. I don't like too many toppings and I definitely don't prefer thick patties, gourmet, stuffed, etc burgers. I mix nothing into my meat.

That video was taken two weeks ago and the picture is the result, so I'm within the timeline. Had I known I would be using it to enter a TD, I would have taken better pictures. Perhaps after a few bites were deliciously removed.
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