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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
buy a picnic or whole pork shoulder and cook it with skin.

Preperation - Slather with oil or mayo and heavily coat kosher salt on it. Put it in the fridge overnight to allow the salt to pull moisture out of the skin. Reapply some kosher salt to it and throw it on the smoker.

Cooking - I would cook at 300-325 degrees to ensure a nice crispy skin. Cook until nice and tender. Spritz with apple cider vinegar every once in a while.

Once done and rested - remove the bone from the picnic, put the meat on the cutting board and wield cleavers in each hand and start chopping skin, fat and meat together. Add in some eastern carolina dip to add a little bit of vinegar/pepper flavor to the chopped pork.
YES! This type of method also works well when slow smoking chicken to give you crispy bite through skin! Also, I do usually see picnics with skin on in my local store for a pretty good price!
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