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Originally Posted by brandonh1987 View Post
So I am currently smoking a brisket and wanted to smoke a few sausages while I am at it... However I have no idea on what to buy from the store? Can I use the pre cooked kind? For instance, what kind do they typically use at bbq restaurants such as arthur bryans, franklins, louie meullers ect??? Are theirs already pre cooked? Also time and temp??

I like to use uncooked link. I'm not sure what you have available in your local market but I'd imagine that you could find some Johnsonville or something comparable. Or maybe you have a good Polish or German butcher shop near by that can give you some good quality link. I smoke them low and slow at about 200 deg. until they are nice and swollen, ready to burst.
I've also used precooked link before as well. They normally have already been smoked to some degree (try and stay away from anything with injected artificial smoke flavor) and I put those on the pit at the end of a regular cook, basically giving them a second dose of smoke as they heat up and again to the point of almost bursting.
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