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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Cool Winner of the BBQ Brethren "Gettin' Fed in the Med!" Throwdown is...

Der Husker!

Congrats to Der Husker for a tremendous TD win!

As the winner of the BBQ Brethren "Gettin' Fed in the Med!" Throwdown, Der Husker receives....

1) The ultra rare, extremely cool, ever evolving, always different, and thus HIGHLY collectible Official BBQ Brethren Throwdown Certificate, now available in two distinct styles!
Just send Ron_L a PM with your email address, the name you want on the Cert, (can be your real name or Screen name) which style you want, and the name of your dish and you will receive it within 2547 business days. ** Don't forget to send Ron your credit card details for final processing!

2) The chance to pick the next category beginning on Friday 3/21!
Just send me a PM ASAP with your proposed new category for review. Pizza, tacos, and nachos are always very popular categories!

3) A $10 gift certificate to The BBQ Superstore, to spend however you wish! You can check out Rich's Sales and Ventures page HERE, or you can go directly to the BBQ Superstore to explore all the great stuff he has available. Please send me your email address to receive your prize.

Der Husker

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