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Originally Posted by Smokeat View Post
cmwr, more crust info than you ever will want. First question will be, "What kind of pizza do you want to make?" More fanatical or obsessive than BBQ'ers, yeah right. Whole new can of worms. So if you are still interested.

Thank you! My sons a pizza connisuer so I will get some use out of that site for sure!

Originally Posted by Fwismoker View Post
No wood chunks at all... just lump. Pizzas need ZERO smoking wood.

Keep the diffuser in and go right on the grate.

I'm just going about 400 and the pizzas are done in 10 minutes...15 tops and perfect.

Just remember no need for the stone or the super high heat when the pizza is on the grate directly. You'll have better success the next go around.

I put a diffuser in and I took your advice and made another pie. I only had to shortcut one issue. I didn't have time for a good crust and all I could get at our local grocer was cheap box mix. So once again I used Jiffy crust mix. BUT I went to try your method and the pizza would not slide off my pan onto the grate. It was stuck. So I had no choice but to drop the whole pan on the grate. 100% lump and running about 475-485 degrees (that's as hot as she wanted to go), I went about 10 minutes then I was able to slide the pie off the pan onto the rack and finish for another 3-4 minutes. This pie was pretty dang good. Crust was to both our liking and no smoky flavor. It does seem that i got a hint of grill flavor but I wanted that otherwise just do it in the kitchen oven and save some money! In the future I want to try a good homemade pizza crust. Bludawg I may try your recipe. Thanks for all the help guys!
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