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Originally Posted by castlepines View Post
My WSM gets all cozy right around 265 usually so that's where I typically cook. I guess I don't understand when people ask how to get through the stall. I have never seen meat reach 160 and then just stay there forever. It WILL get past it. People see their temps climb from 40F to 160 pretty steadily and then freak out when it holds in the stall. I think what people are really asking is how to get through the stall at the same climb rate they were getting before the stall. And it's totally unnecessary to do that. Just let it ride. Honestly, the best way to get through the stall is to do nothing, turn off your temp probe, crack some beers, turn the temp probe back on in 2-3 hours and stand in awe of the magic of getting through the stall.
That is the long Winded version
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