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My wife does canning... works pretty well. You just get a canning pot, jars and lids with threaded bands. Then you fill the pot with enough water to cover the jars (hot water), then boil it. Put the jars in the hot water for 10 minutes. Put the lids in a pan of water on simmer to make sure they're hot. Take them out and don't touch the insides. Put hot bbq sauce in them with a canning funnel, filling them up as far to the top as you can. Make sure the jar lips are cleaned off, and put the lids on them. Screw on the threaded bands, then put the jars back in the boiling water for 10 more minutes, then take out and put on the counter to cool. The lids should pop so they're depressed; if they don't pop, just put that in the fridge. I just check them the next morning.

That's about it! Meijer has canning stuff... or Wally World. Then I just printed labels and used doublesided tape to put the labels on (I need to just buy some vinyl labels to print).
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