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Originally Posted by Ryan921 View Post

ok so here's the story. A friend of mine and I have been working on this guy for a couple months. Yesterday was its maiden voyage.. well sort of.. I was going to just do a dry run to check temprature control and to season the grates. But still very exciting none the less. So I put charcoal in the basket, let them go for a while then threw on a healthy peice of wood and then... drumroll.... rocky theme song playing in my head.... wait for it... wait for it...


Couldnt get them temp above 50 Degrees! after some adjustments i got it to roughly 100 buts thats not gonna do it.

I did pin point a couple of fairly modest leaks that need addressed but I dont think it could account for all the heat loss. I think one problem was that it was only about 30 degrees in columbus yesterday but I still think it should have been able to reach temperature (but what do i know?!?)

Does anyone have any insight? any help would be very much appreciated.

by the way the firebox is a old wood burning stove ducted in with a 6" stove pipe. the exhausts are 2.5" in diameter and enter 14" inside of the tank and stick out 10".

Let me know if you have any questions about the build that could help

You should be commended just on the incentive on building this smoker on it own merits. Here's a few details I noticed.

The key to an effective smoker is airflow... and room to burn an efficient fire, too. Looks like you may need to increase the air intakes and have plenty of (chimney) draft - drawing out the smoke on the opposite side of the firebox... unless its a reverse flow. Using a single 6" pipe out of the firebox will not be enough - learned that the hard way (way back when a double barrel smoker was on my project). Had to add a second 6" pipe just to keep the thermal energy improved.
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