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Originally Posted by Ryan921 View Post
I put another thermometer in the fire box and it was reading around 400 degrees F.

I did not do a pit calculator so i hope its not too small.

i tried to open the door of the firebox to let in more oxygen but it seemed to let the heat right out of the door so i couldnt really tell a difference as far as the temp in the tank goes. i think i will need some more holes lower on the firebox to let in air.

I will have to get exact measurements when I get home from work

do you think that the low air temps has a lot to do with it? like i said it was only around 30 degrees F yesterday and windy. i did pull it into the garage to block most of the wind

Thanks for the replies everyone
should be a lot hotter in the firebox.

My bet is not enough air flow.

I out an IR temp gauge on my firebox, its about 700f on the putside surface near the fire
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