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Originally Posted by LongTong View Post
Thanks for the recipe, Smoke Dog. I can't wait for Albie season down here out of San Diego. The last few seasons, the Albies made the big left turn and went far off shore of our outer banks and thus not too many Albies in the counts. However, we were blessed with WFO Bluefin instead. I use the Big Chief too but just for fish. I just cleaned out the freezer and smoked the last of the Bluefin and Yellowtail as well.

They say El Nino is coming so it could be an interesting year...

Good luck and tight lines...

Smelt has been closed for a couple years and we just had a monster smelt run. 2-3 gallons of smelt in one dip! Signs of a good fish run when the bait fish are plentiful!
A bunch of stuff to build a Fire so I can hang out and Smoke, Grill, or cook with!
More stuff for Cutting, Grinding, Stuffing, Canning and so on!
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