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Default Big Thanks and a Question...

Wanted to thank the BBQ-Brethren!!! Been studying the boards here all week. Last night, I made some MOINK balls and Scotch eggs. Both delicious. I didn't post pr0n because I'm not certain the Scimeca (KC company) meatballs I used were 100% beef (I will be looking into it). Anyway, everything was delicious - however while studying, I overlooked the fact that thin bacon is better, and after a very very long time, just pulled them with the bacon not exactly crispy.

So today I'm smoking ribs and couple fattys. I went to get the fattys and I notice that ribs are looking a little dry...maybe they are in a normal range? I'm just too new to tell. I smoked last year with one freaking amazing result, several 'eh' results and a couple give-it-to-the-dogs results. But I was completely free-wheeling it, and am disregarding anything that happened then as useful information.

So anyway, I scoped around here for remedies and am still pretty much up in the air as to what to do. Is there something I can do NOW? What SHOULD I have done? and how do I tell for sure if I am getting in the dry-as-the-Sahara danger zone? What is this about spritzing? It was really about 50/50 on that, from what I could gather.
I will give details of the cook below.

Costco pork loin backribs (pkg in meat dept? not the Swift in cryovac)
Kettle grill, minion method. Charcoals (Kingsford Competition) banked around kettle 2 high and 2 wide. A few wood chunks on top here and there. Cast iron skillet with H2O in it nearest to one side as I can get it. Been running higher than I wanted at about 235, and I am about three hours in.

Any advice?
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