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Here is what I am using; It came from a fishing board

I am pleased to share my recipe for my world famous smoked tuna. I say world famous because this product was taken to Europe by a friend who traveled in conjunction with his work and was all over the globe giving it to his friends. This started 15 years ago and we still ship my smoked tuna across the water. I can and smoke and average of 1000 pounds a year.
It is the best!!!!

Since I am not a fan of the salty taste of most smoked fish I tested several recipes until I hit on PERFECTION for a mouth watering. must have smokey product.

Brown Sugar, Kosher salt, Apple Juice or pineapple juice & teriyaki sauce

I slice the tenderloins in 1 inch wide portions against the grain at an angle mainly for looks after the product is smoked.

Brining correctly is crucial to killing the bacteria in the fish so I employ an equal mixture of kosher salt and brown sugar. No other spices!!! A layer of this mixture in a clean, sanitized plastic dishpan then a layer of fish until pan is full. Each piece of fish must be coated and not touching each other. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Yes! 24 hours. Then rinse by now liquified brine off fish in cool water and put all pieces in another clean dishpan.

HERE IS WHERE THE WORLD FAMOUS PART COMES IN. Cover fish in Apple Juice and let soak for another 24 hours in refrigerator. Yep that is it. Drain fish and place on racks to air dry for an hour or so and then place in your smoker for the time needed. Each smoker is different. I use a Big Chief and run through 2 pans of DRY chips (sometimes 3) and leave fish in smoker til done. Fish pieces when done but still moist should give a bit (like a cake) when pushed with a finger.

Several years ago I did the 'soak' after brining with a mixture of Pineapple Juice and Teriyaki sauce. The results were absolutely amazing. I have also tossed a few sliced Jalapenos in with the juice soak for a bit of spice but believe me no other spices are necessary. Cool fish to room temp then vacuum seal. This product has garnered First Prize at our County fair every time I have entered it and is a favorite to anyone who tries it. No kidding.

I hope you try this easy, uncomplicate recipe. When you do, you will be totally amazed at the flavor of this product. No salty after taste at all. Just the true Albacore flavor enhanced to perfection.
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