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On the subject of wood, apple and birds are a natural combo. A little hickory or pecan for color won't hurt but apple on chicken or turkey is just awesome.

Brining-Go with a prebrined bird or a fresh bird brined yourself, DON'T do both or you'll end up with a turkey that's wayyyyy tooo salty (been that route with chicken myself and it's not tasty at all).

Having done both, there isn't so much difference between the two that I consider brining myself worth the hassle. If you want extra flavors that a prebrined bird doesn't offer, just inject them, it's much quicker although brining does do a better job of distribuiting the flavors through out the meat, although IMO just good bird and apple smoke is all the flavor you need.

Another thing to consider is the demand for dark v white meat. Most of our holiday guests eat white meat only so I cook a couple of turkey breasts and 2 drumsticks for the dark meat eaters and everyone is happy. The parts are much easier to store. If your clan is into dark meat, a whole bird may be a better way to go.
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